Monday, 21 December 2015

Things that inspire me

Hey :)

I thought I could post something for those who want to know how I get these ideas from or this post can apply to aspiring bloggers looking for inspiration. 

I find music very useful to be fair it helps clear depression, I find it also helps with concentration sometimes and can be good for finding inspiration too. I have a Spotify account (Lacey Spracklen) I do have some random music but that's where I listen to music most of the time. 

I often don't have the time to read as I'm constantly in and out of college and working on my blog. However when I find the time, I picture the background, appearance of characters etc. Especially when I'm writing a story because obviously you would need images and imagination to create your story. 

Online resources:
I find sometimes online resources like Pinterest, daily mail etc. Can give me ideas when it comes to topics. A blog is your online diary you can write your thoughts about a certain topic, review something you recently bought or your advice on overcoming something like panic attacks. 

Sometimes when I feel like it, my imagination can be widely used into making a blog post. I could write a story about aliens in a castle if I wanted to (if you guys ask for a story then I'll do it). 

Whenever I get stuck on topics for a next blog post I turn to one of those resources for a topic..

Hope you enjoy loves 


Sunday, 20 December 2015

New year, new me


Hello :)

As the new year is quickly approaching, I decided that this topic would be appropriate for this time of year. 

Here are my tips for a fresh start to a new year:

Remove people from your life that made you feel like shit:
It's just pointless adding your exes on Facebook unless they're nice exes. It doesn't matter if you don't speak to your best friends, you'll make some new friends or find common ground with old mates. Friends come in and out of your life as they please, don't worry. 

Write down notes of things that you would like to achieve in 2016:
At New Year's Eve grab a mason jar, some pens and small pieces of paper. Once written your goals, put them in the jar and lock it somewhere safe. Next New Year's Eve, you can go through the jar to see what you have/haven't achieved. 

Positivity and commitment springs to mind:
In order to make those achievements come true. You must be positive about it and be committed, think "if Taylor Swift can do it, so can I!" The same applies to becoming fit and healthy, you have to be committed and positive if you want to make it work. 

Surround yourself with inspiration:
Think of people and other things that will inspire you because it gives you ideas when it comes to what you need to do and goals you would want to achieve/encourages you to believe in yourself. 

Research. Research. Research:
This may not apply to certain achievements but if you want to go somewhere like Japan, you would have to look into the costs, culture, things to do and weather. So make sure you do your research!

And remember, don't ever let anyone put you down:
People are often cruel when the need to be. You are a diamond, not a piece of shit. If they do put you down, tell them to jog on.

Friday, 18 December 2015

What college has taught me


Hey guys:) 

I decided to take a break from writing blogs to focus on my coursework. Now that I'm on a break from college I'm currently in my second year at college, studying art. Next year I do hope to go on a level 3 course and hopefully become an art lecture because I feel that I can be a good role model for them and I can inspire the next generation of artists and designers out there! 

Here are some tips for those starting college in September or just want to become the better person you are. 

*What I'm writing is to do with personal experience, others personal experiences could be much different than mine.*

Be confident:
Ever since I left school in 2014 I had no confidence in myself, I left with no understanding of how life works and didn't know how to socialise. Now that I'm a college student it gave me a massive confidence boost, I made more friends that I never thought I have made and I have better understanding of how the world works. 

Be organised:
When I started my first year at college, my organisation wasn't great so I've been told that my work lacks organisation. However in my second year, I'm slowly getting better thanks to some feedback, a watch and a to do list. 

Be mature:
Not as in mature cheese but when I was in year 11 I was more mature than I was before I reached year 11. However I became even more mature than ever thanks to believing in myself and others. 

Never be afraid to follow your dreams:
When I was in school I wasn't able to follow my dreams, I had limited options, I didn't come prepared for employment and life. Now, I feel more prepared especially with options (gap year).

Rise above the haterz:
If someone tells you. "You can't do that." Tell them to do one - at the end of the day, you are doing what you want to do career wise - not them. 

Be yourself:
In school, you had to be the same as everyone else. In college JUST BE YOURSELF OKAY. DRESS HOW YOU WANT AND DO WHAT YOU LIKE!

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Quick Update ❤️

Hey guys, lately I have been obsessed with photography, so here's just a quick update of what I've done lately.

I have been doing a lot of photography and it would be great to check out my Facebook page Lacie Alice Photography (I'll post it in the comments) and I will also link the Instagram and Twitter pages in the comments too! 

Here's some of the pics I have taken :)

See you soon 

Lacie xo